Two superheroes has a new theme

Not this blog la.. this blog is only a clone. The original is at

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Two Superheroes new theme
It’s nice. Too bad about their URL though.

They should have got or instead of

Anyway, perhaps it’s too late now that that domain has already achieved PR3.

Still the new theme is way faster than the older one and that can only be good. One disadvantage of running their blog under Google Blogspot is that they may not discover my comment I made about them on this post :). If they were using WordPress, they would have got a trackback ping immediately and seen that in their dashboard. Oh well..

PS: Twosuperheroes. If you want back this domain just tell me. I give back to you 🙂

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2 responses to “Two superheroes has a new theme

  1. *ahem*…..we can still detect your comment uh… using our superpowers. Muahahahahahahha….

  2. Ai ya. we ping petaling If not you wouldn’t know also 🙂

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